May 20, 2006
Oh man, it has been a long rainy winter, but it is coming to an end!  The sun is out later, the days are warming up, and the rains are gradually turning towards mist.  The last months have been full of work and projects and taxes and fixing of things, and other winter domestic activities.
We are ready to crawl out of our hobbit hole!
The endless summer of Northern California is about to descend on us with all the joy, chaos, camping, love, dancing, laughter, battles, and exuberance that you can desire!  Let us mark this moment, savor this transition, and celebrate the arrival of summer!  
Be launched into summer with Catapult, a party to welcome the energies of summer, to celebrate the joys to come, and to set the tone of excellence that will carry us into the rest of the season. 
Where: The House of the Spiraling Sun (directions below)
When: Saturday May 20th from 3pm until the last person leaves on Sunday
Potential activities
(all times are purely speculative and subject to change with no notice or warning)

It is the season of Beltane which brings the blooming and blossoming of the world.  And to that end we would like to ask you to help us bring a tree back to life.  Yes, we have a Dead Tree in our backyard, and it would be great if it blossomed with love and joy!  We leave it up to you how it should be done.  Bring something to hang on it?  Paint it?  Carve it?  Hammer something into it?  Wrap it, slap it, kiss it, hug it!  Make it into an altar?  Sacrifice a baby goat on it! (ok, we might have to have a boundary against sacrifices.)
Vie for the title of Most Committed to Excellence by beating Nora's record of staying until 5pm on Sunday at our last weekend-long party!!

Yes, if you donít already know this, we like it a lot when lots and lots of our friends sleep over in cuddly heaps all over the house and we all hang out the next day late into the afternoon.  So come prepared!  We have plenty of futons and squishy places to sleep, but if you are able, bring your own (and a pair of earplugs) just in case everyone stays over and we start stacking you three deep.  That would be fun!
There will be yummy breakfast in the morning with all the things you could desire to start your day - Mimosas, eggs, coffee, bacon, laughter, mueslie, toast, good friends,  and more Black Cherry Cyser if we donít finish it before then….  
Beware, you might be initiated into an all-inclusive cult called the 3 Drunken Celts!  At 2am we will have a scotch tasting. Remember our wedding?  We will have some of the same bottles, and some new ones - bring a favorite if you feel like it!
Bring The Dead Tree back to life (more details below), hang out in the hot tub, talk with truly excellent people, drink tasty things, wiggle to groovy music, dream up a fun mural for our back wall, stretch and practice your yoga, cuddle in the squishy zone, give or get a massage (on our new massage table!), or play games if you can focus for that long. 
Come and play any time after 3pm on Saturday.  When we get hungry (6pm?) we will fire up the grill (its gas now, so it is super easy) and grill things!  Hurray!  We will have some provisions and you should bring something to add to the feast.  We will have a keg of Black Cherry Cyser - you know, the tasty drink at our wedding that ran out by Saturday morning!!
The Dead Tree
Oh, and since we donít have time earlier in the month to celebrate Vytas's birthday, this can also be a birthday party! Hurray!  Really though, the main reason is that we love life and want to share it with you all!  Hurray for the summer!
Things to Bring:
Grillables and other tasty treats
Towel for the hot tub
Some people also bring bathrobes and slippers for the hot tub
Lots of love, with plenty to share
Bedding, if you can
Music to share
Your laughter
Ear plugs/eye covers so you can sleep late
Sunglasses for Sunday afternoon in the hot tub
A smile
Something for the Dead Tree

Arriving empty handed is absolutely ok.  If everyone brought something we would drown in too much food and booze!!
Guest Policy:
We love you all!  Come and play!  Do you have a friend who can play well with others? Well, bring them too.  Please do not repost this invite to other mailing lists.
And while we have your attention, check out our picture gallery.  We have some pictures of our recent trip to Mexico up there, along with pictures of the Baby Goats that were born recently at Hidden Villa, where Claire works. Also there are pictures from our wedding and honeymoon in Bali.
Remember, the seduction starts with the invitation.